This blog follows the students of Art & Technology from Aalborg University experience at DEAF Festival 2014 in Rotterdam. Blog is updated daily during the festival by ArT students.

Art & Technology (Oplevelsestehnologi) or ArT is an International Bachelor Program at Aalborg University. ArT attracts creative students from all over the world and offers an international study environment with the best educators within art, design, media and technology. The program is offered in English and the ArT study attracts both foreign students for the 3-year BA education as well as exchange students.

Read more about the ArT study on www.art.aau.dk

On the forth semester students from ArT go on an study trip. The purpose of this is both to meet internationally recognized artists and to create projects together with other art and media educations. It becomes a great experience to meet foreign artists as well work in an international environment. The study trips are usually organized to EU countries.

On 2014 ArT students are visiting the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) in Rotterdam which is an international and interdisciplinary festival, that is organized every two years by V2_. DEAF is one of the most important international festivals focusing on art and media technology, and can be regarded as a showcase for research and production of new media art.

Visit the official homepage of DEAF http://v2.nl/events/deaf


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